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Şubat 27, 2019

Well, the way they make shows is, they make one show. That show’s called a pilot. Then they show that show to the people who make shows, and on the strength of that one show.

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İlçe Milli Eğitim Müdürü Okulumuzu Ziyaret Etti
Kasım 27, 2020
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Kasım 27, 2020

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November 25th 2020 07:11:32

Give ’em the Axe, the Axe, the Axe!

@StanfordFball travels to Cal on Friday to play in the 123rd Big Game, w/ no f… https://t.co/sxAX4Elvp3


November 25th 2020 05:11:38

Edward Lazear brought a love of economics to generations of students and colleagues and played a key role in fashio… https://t.co/KghP6YzNKm


November 25th 2020 12:11:14

Students and faculty at @StanfordEarth travel to all seven continents to explore the past, present and future of ou… https://t.co/GEFAXKd3ye


November 24th 2020 02:11:12

Black and Hispanic people made up 58% of all patients hospitalized for COVID-19 and 53% of those who died from the… https://t.co/wov5QkviWp


November 24th 2020 03:11:05

A pilot program will give students free 3D printers to build their designs without coming to campus. https://t.co/ZbwJnQNfIX


November 23rd 2020 10:11:40

RT @Stanford_AD: Congratulations to Ziyi for earning this prestigious scholarship, balancing a rigorous academic schedule while competing a…


November 23rd 2020 10:11:03

Congratulations to Stanford graduate students Abdallah AbuHashem and Ziyi Wang and senior Nicolas Fishman, who have… https://t.co/WA0gCC3u7i


November 23rd 2020 04:11:00

Stanford researchers examined the 250 top-grossing American movies of recent decades and found the on-screen foods… https://t.co/0xENUi5exr


November 20th 2020 10:11:10

Bing Concert Hall.

@StanfordLive's 2020 digital season continues, with upcoming performances by Vân Ánh (Vanessa)… https://t.co/AAyjT3bpu7


November 20th 2020 07:11:54

Stanford’s makerspaces have found innovative ways to continue serving their communities during the COVID-19 pandemi… https://t.co/XqBC5clXJz

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